Sunday, May 20, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

Welcome to the weekly link up of hand stitched projects!

I am doing my favourite type of hand stitching today - binding. I recently finished the quilting on a Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt called "Tied Up in Knots" and have been enjoying hand stitching this colourful striped binding.

It must be the week for friend Debby is also hand stitching a binding on a quilt-as-you-go project. Part of her binding is made of satin so it will be an extra cuddly quilt.

And my sister is also hand stitching a binding on a baby boy quilt. She uses the binding clips that resemble hair clips and her stitches are microscopic.

Are you doing any binding this week?!?
If you have a hand stitching project that you would like to show us, link up your blog post below. We hope that whatever you are stitching today will be relaxing and fun! Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pink Scrappy Saturday

Pink Omigosh blocks
An Omigosh quilt has been in construction in my sewing room for about 4 and a half years. When the colour of the month is announced at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I start gathering up my 1" strips and scraps to make some Omigosh blocks each month.
For three years I sewed the double 9 patch blocks and have made 93 of those so far.

I started sewing the alternate Shoofly variation in March last year and have only made 14 of those so far. Here are a couple of other blocks made in the last 2 weeks.
It's such a wonderful way to make a quilt... no pressure, no deadlines, just a leisurely sewing of blocks and putting them into the project box in the closet as they are made. It's fun to watch the pile of blocks grow!
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Machine Quilting

Although Clarissa is my "UFO of the month", one of my other UFOs has tried to hog the attention spotlight recently. The culprit is the broken dishes quilt... "look over here"... "I'd like to be a finished quilt"! 
I usually have one machine set up for piecing and one machine set up for machine quilting so I can work on whatever suits my fancy in the moment!
The noisy broken dishes quilt is now pin basted and machine quilting has started. It's always good to "do shots" before you start quilting... just to get the creativity flowing!

I'm starting with the walking foot and stitching "in the ditch" a grid pattern as I usually do to stabilize the whole thing. If I've done a really good job with the pin basting, there will be no fabric mountains popping up in the front of the walking foot. Little hills are manageable... this is a little one, but reminds me that the quilt top was not pulled taut enough when I was setting up the quilting sandwich. But so far it's pretty much smooth sailing. Next I'll be putting on the free motion foot and seeing what curved lines I might want to stitch.

Happy Friday!

Hope you have a full weekend of relaxation and quilting ahead!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Midmonth UFO Update

My UFO goal this month is to finish the Clarissa quilt top. The first step is to make the 20th and final block. Each block has 144 triangles, so the cutting takes a while. The pieces at the top are leftover triangles I found in the project box. In true Clarissa style I wanted the last block to be scrappy and use up the extras. I cut the triangles with Bonnie Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool

Then I got out Charity (my adorable 1952 Featherweight) to sew the hourglass blocks. These old machines really need to be able to sew regularly to keep them in good shape. She's old and although she sews beautifully, she doesn't have any seam markings. I just put a piece of tape on the bed of the machine where the edge of 1/4" seam allowance should be, but it's not perfect.

That's okay... all the blocks need to be squared down anyway using the Bloc-Loc ruler. As you can see, not much needed to be trimmed away... I guess the accuracy was better than I thought!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Next Step

Credit: © Ivelin Radkov / Fotolia
Sometimes motivation just pops up for no apparent reason, and that is definitely the case this week. I want to work on the star quilt that I showed yesterday, but all of a sudden I was consumed with design ideas for quilting my Broken Dishes quilt. The timing is really annoying, but when inspiration strikes, I pay attention.

But first I had to do all the prep work... find a backing (a piece of muslin that I had bought to make the swap blocks, but after washing it seemed too course and not high quality even though it was expensive), find a large enough piece of batting, and find some thread. Here is the pile of required elements ready to move on to the next basting. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Star Quilt Progress

The star blocks are still on the design wall. At first I tried to incorporate all the blocks from the 3 sets into a cohesive design (see all the blocks here). That didn't work out well at all. I ditched that idea and have been playing with other layout ideas, and wondering about adding scrappy navy sashings and yellow/gold cornerstones to the centre 9 blocks, and then using the smaller star blocks as borders. Decisions. Decisions. There is pressure to move forward on this star quilt because the Wish Upon A Star blog hop starts on May 21st! Although I can't figure out the layout, I already have the quilting design in mind..... swirls and stars. Just need to make a final decision on the layout and sew this baby together!
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

Happy Slow Sunday Stitching AND Happy Mother's Day!
While people are visiting and enjoying family time, why not pick up your needle and thread, and make some progress on your projects.
I just finished another embroidery block for the Gail Pan BOM. This photo shows my favourite embroidery needle a size 10 Jeana Kimball needle. These needles come in a handy portable tube that are easier than the card system that needles are usually attached to. These needles are comfortable to use, and easy to thread with embroidery floss. 

Last Sunday was a little Slow Sunday Stitching reunion. I met up with Sandra and Gail at a quilt show in Simcoe, Ontario where we enjoying seeing a few of Sandra's beautiful quilts. Here we are in front of one of Sandra's amazing quilts. This is called  "Down the Rabbit Hole" (pattern by Sarah Fielke). It's hand appliqued and hand quilted, and has many delightful details with fussy cut fabrics, and quilting designs. It was a wonderful and inspiring visit and Gail came up with a great idea to have a "Slow Sunday Stitching Stitch In" day and I'm starting  the planning process for that. Stay tuned for details as they become available.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! 
And especially to my Mom who is a real life hero who managed to "do it all", raising 4 kids, running a home, working full time, and at the same time getting a university degree to keep the family financially viable...and managed to maintain her sanity AND do some hand stitching along the way!

Here are some photos of my daughter wearing clothing made by my Mom... 
a sweater on the left and a smocked dress on the right. 

Thanks MOM/Nana!

Now what are you hand stitching today!? Link up your project below...


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